My Radio Dial… A place to hear today’s biggest country stars; the first place to hear tomorrow’s brightest…

At My Radio Dial, our fundamental goal is to help pave the way for a new era in the music industry. MYRD is not only the FIRST, but also the ONLY curated, online country radio station that is monitored by Nielsen BDS; a title and responsibility that we carry with great pride.

MYRD has two main objectives… 1) Provide you, our listenership, with the music you want to hear, free of politics and bias. 2) Provide a launching ground for talented, up and coming artists who deserve an opportunity for their music and talents to be heard.

What are the components of an “up and coming artist?” Though this is a somewhat subjective question, My Radio Dial’s definition is simple… An artist with a project and/or plan, website, and social media presence. No more, no less.

While on the surface, MYRD seems like just another music streaming app, but the idea goes far deeper. It is an idea carefully crafted with purpose, by a team driven by this purpose. This team is known as Allegiant Entertainment Group; an artist management, development, and publishing company founded on the belief of giving a greater number of artists exposure and notoriety in this fast changing industry. Made up by a diverse collection of individuals with numerous years of experience in artist management & development, publishing, radio, and marketing, Allegiant is committed to a code of ethics and equipped to operate in a faithful, productive, and successful manner.

My Radio Dial is a significant piece to a very large puzzle. As with all puzzles, there are a number of ways to go about completing it, but there’s one way, the “right way,” that is always most efficient.

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